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Lower Cholesterol Naturally


Are you one of the 255 million people a year filling prescriptions to the tune of 19 billion dollars annually? This is just in the United States alone. Many do this instead of looking for ways to lower cholesterol naturally.

What do you know about the drugs you are currently taking? Are you aware of all the side effects? Some of them you can’t even feel.

I like to ask people, “What Do You Know About Pharmaceuticals?”

Let’s take a moment to take a look at statins for instance.  Over the age of 45 years 1 in 4 americans take statins. That’s 25% of the population, that’s incredible.  In fact it horrifies me that some doctors think this is a “miracle drug”.  They joke that they would like to see it injected into the water supply. The only problem I see is that statement is it’s NOT funny. We should find ways to

lower cholesterol naturally.

I was surprised to find out statins are routinely prescribed for people over 45.  Some of whom only have a slim chance of developing heart disease. I decided to educate myself on the side effects.  It concerns me because my parents take statins.

First I wanted to look at the risk reduction and I was surprised to find that taking statins only lowered the POSSIBILITY of having a heart attack by 25% to 30%.  The fact is that long term users are 50% more likely to develop diabetes.  Another reason to

lower cholesterol naturally.

What Are You Doing To You?

In my mind the pro’s do not out weigh the cons.  I decided to continue digging and this is what I found.

Statins caused these side affects

Short term memory loss
mood swings
liver disfunction
kidney failure
muscle myopathy…..Chronic muscle pain.

This myopathy is alarming to me because tests have shown that statin-induced myopathy can cause microscopic damage to the muscle.  However it is not sufficient enough damage to break the cell open.  What this means is that the cell does not release creatinine phosphokinase into the blood. The evidence is very clear that there is ongoing damage, however it is not revealed in a blood test that is done to check for muscle damage.

Now we get to the alarming part.  Your heart is a MUSCLE and when muscle gets affected, that includes your heart.  Muscle is one of the 7 tissues in our body.

So the question to you is, if you are taking statins to lower the RISK of having a heart attack and the statins are actually damaging your heart, do you think that there may be a better way to

lower cholesterol naturally

than taking statins?

Many people aren’t even aware that cholesterol does not cause heart attacks.  What causes heart attacks is heart disease and inflammation.  Inflammation is present in ALL disease, the clogged arteries cause the inflammation that is part of the reason for heart attacks.

High blood pressure is another cause of heart attacks.  Basically high blood pressure can be lowered by strengthening the heart muscle with Exercise.  When the heart muscle is weak it takes more beats to circulate the blood around the body.  When you add this issue  to edema (excess fluid retention) that excess fluid exacerbates the problem.

A low sodium diet will help, here is a tip in knowing how much is too much, it’s a simple rule.  When you see that the milligrams of sodium is higher than the calories per serving, it would be best to skip eating it. So in essence you really need to cut out processed foods.

Natural foods and natural cures are the best to

lower cholesterol naturally

and for long term treatments for many diseases.

Synthetics have a nasty habit of laying down on the job after a while. The reason for this is that they aren’t natural.  Our bodies know what to do with natural compounds, synthetic compounds, not so much.

It all comes down to the intelligence of nature.

So what are some things we can do that will help to

lower cholesterol naturally?

Diet is the main factor, recent tests concluded that patients with genetically pre-disposed heart disease can actually “change their genes” by changing their diet. Yes, you heard me you can change your genes and I’m not talking about your blue jeans either.

Studies show that participants that were genetically pre-disposed  for heart disease, changed their diets to include lots of fruits and plenty of raw vegetables.  This allowed them to change their pre-disposition to heart disease. After the change their risk of heart attack were no more than a person without the genetic pre-disposition.

So diet is a good change, what about supplements?

Many of us are low on vitamin C. The reason for this is because levels in food are drastically changed by storage, cooking and preparation. We live in a fast food society so it’s no wonder we could use more vitamin C

here are some Benefits of vitamin C


asthma     anemia     angina     atherosclerosis      gingivitis

Osteoarthritis       auto immune disease       glaucoma

Parkinson’s     candidiasis      hemorrhagic issues      periodontal issues

cataracts     hepatitis     peptic ulcer     side effects of chemotherapy

Herpes     pre-enclapsia     cervical dysplasia       High Blood pressure

Rheumatoid Arthritis      Crohn’s

lower cholesterol naturally

skin issues        coronary artery disease     infertility     sports injuries     diabetes

low sperm count    stress-related disease     duodenal ulcer

manic depression        surgical trauma       eczema

macular degeneration     healing wounds     iron absorption

Natural antihisimine      formation of stress hormones

increase antibodies     stimulates white blood cells    anti-oxidant

Collagen production in all tissues       increases absorption of Iron

Decreases absorption of copper

Knowing all the benefits it’s amazing that many governments administrations that over see nutrition only recommend 60 to 90 mg per day which is only about enough to prevent scurvy.

Dr. Linus Pauling was the doctor to discover the link between Vitamin C and heart Disease. (he is also the ONLY man to ever win the nobel peace prize twice) He Recommended doses of 5,000 to 10,000 mg per day for prevention of Heart disease.  Because about 60%  of the vitamin C goes to  making collagen for the repair of our arteries and other cells, without it, the cells cannot function properly.

I know, I know you doctor will tell you that you will pee most of that vitamin C right out of your body and that is absolutely CORRECT.

Vitamin C has a very short time it stays in the body (half-life).  However it has wonderful antioxidant properties so that the vitamin C that leaves your body will take with it lots of those awful free radicals that cause cell damage.  The reason this is so awesome is that  Vitamin C not only repairs cells, it stops them from getting damaged too.


So Check into vitamin C supplements ask your doctor and stay tuned because we are going to stay on the subject of how to

lower cholesterol naturally.

Next time here on Health Pulse we are going to talk about the effects that fiber has on cholesterol.  You will want to make sure and read about it, It may save your life or the life of somebody that you love.

What do you know about Pharmaceuticals? This is about YOUR health, CLICK HERE to read more


Health is EVERYTHING! I went to India to study medicine and do internship work, I came back changed forever. I am passionate about breathing because breath is life. Living, Laughing, Loving for more than 55 years.


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