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I’m Guilty

Okay, I’m guilty.

Not anything I am proud of, that’s the way things of this nature go.

I am guilty of being impatient.

Impatient with someone that I should not be.  Impatient because things aren’t happening in MY time.  Getting grouchy because they haven’t.

Honestly it came down to a time that a discussion needed to happen, I was so impatient that it had to happen RIGHT NOW.

I’m sure you have encountered “My Kind” before haven’t you?

We may say it’s our prerogative as a woman to change our mind, never was it written in the “guide lines” that we had the prerogative to be Impatient.

Impatience accomplishes absolutely nothing.  People will move at their own pace, you will have a difficult time controlling that.

What we can control is our own emotions because we share them with others whether you like it or not.

Let’s talk……

What I found out is something I already knew, we came from two different environments.  Two different styles of families and two different styles of parenting.  That is what make us all individuals right?

From my side, I was the “over-looked” one. Quiet, didn’t need much attention, so I didn’t get it.  With 2 other kids making a heck of a lot more noise than me, I understand how something like this can happen.  My Immediate family is still all around within about 5 miles of me.

From the other side, the person was adored, never had to question the importance that they held in their family, splitting image of the father, who passed away at a young age. Grandparents to dote, and aunts and uncles as well.  Many of whom have passed away.

Two totally different worlds.

I feel like I have to be heard, and charge to the front

From the other side, they are happy letting someone else win and take pleasure in their joy, they are able to sit back and wait to say something until it is important.

I am So Guilty.

As I read this I think I could use some of what this other person has.

I understand about the two different worlds and everything, now how about the impatience issue (which only belongs to me)

The other person explained it very simply to me in just one sentence.

They said, “You know I don’t really like to make people mad, I would rather not create anger directed at me. I have already lost so many people (to death) in my life and I really don’t want to lose anyone else, especially when they are alive”.

That was one of the most powerful sentences anyone has EVER said to me. I am sure I looked like a Deer in Headlights at that moment…..

Just when you think “you know everything” RIGHT?

I am GUILTY as Charged (charged by myself) because the person that I was talking to would never “gloat” or “charge me guilty”.  They just ask for Understanding and Acceptance, that is the least that I can offer along with my Apology.

I am working on Patience, Many times it is directed at myself.  I may slip because I am not perfect, I am a work in progress.


Health is EVERYTHING! I went to India to study medicine and do internship work, I came back changed forever. I am passionate about breathing because breath is life. Living, Laughing, Loving for more than 55 years.


  • Jack

    Patience is very difficult for all of us, many times it is very hard to keep ones month shut and be patient for your turn or not get angry when someone says something to you that you don’t like. Patience is necessary even with friends that are awesome friends for a lengthy time and something changes in their life, this is when patience is paramount. More than likely with a little patience your friend or partner will figure it out on their own….We all have to remember that we can not change others, only they can change themselves.

    Today I am patient and each and everyday going forward I will be aware of giving more patience.


  • Shelli Thompson

    Thank you for your input Jack, You are absolutely correct. It is something I have been working on pretty hard and I find that it gets easier in time. I realize it is something I need to work on and it has made my life less stressful and more meaningful.
    You are right that it is all about awareness about being more patient.

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