Do You Love and Accept Your Family Like a Mother Her Child?

We can love and accept when we try to, just about any day of the week. There is a difference between love and acceptance and the way that a Mother loves and accepts her children.  Unfortunately this happens sometimes to the point of blindness however in most cases there is nothing like a Mothers love and acceptance.

Many people don’t think of their family in this perspective.  Love and acceptance is enough right? No, not always because when you are referring to your family your love and acceptance needs to be without condition, like a Mother has for her children.  Say this to your Self:

I love and accept my family as a mother loves her child.

The bond between a mother and her child is stronger than steel. Mothers love and forgive their children unconditionally. Children know that when they run to mom they always find open arms. Such is the love I have for my family.

The treasure hunter in me regularly seeks and finds the embodiment of hidden treasure in the richness of my family. I love my family because they make my life great.

My family is a soft pillow that I can rest my head on. I crave time with my family and my heart delights in watching them grow.

I am affectionate with my loved ones. My supply of hugs and kisses is always fully stocked. When I speak to my family, I use soft words of admiration because my goal is to nurture their self-esteem.

I take care of my family. Selflessly, I put their wants even before my own needs. My family is my gift from my Creator. Each member of my amazing family has a special place in my heart and a distinctive trait that I adore.

There is nothing my family members can do to lose my love. My heart toward them is filled with forgiveness, keeping no record of their offenses. When we have disagreements, we still value each other over our differences.

Just as a mother forgets her children’s misconduct, my family retains no recollection or history of wrongdoings.

I get along with my loved ones and I do my best to ensure that we get along with one another. My family and I share many traditions that bring us closer together and help us cherish our time with one another.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Can I think of a distinctive trait of each of my family members?

2. What kind of words do I use with my family?

3. Am I keeping any records of offenses?

No matter the attitude of others we can rise above what is not desirable and choose to forgive even when we feel that we are not forgiven.  Holding negative thoughts or grudges only damages the person holding onto them.


Health is EVERYTHING! I went to India to study medicine and do internship work, I came back changed forever. I am passionate about breathing because breath is life. Living, Laughing, Loving for more than 55 years.

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    who wrote this artical? like whats that first and last name. i need to site the info i got from this wonderful artical! (:

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