Ode To Riley




Ode to Riley



Sometimes we have a friend for life

who has to go too soon,

to a place where we can’t go

it’s way up past the moon.


So Riley has his angels wings

‘cuz he’s been called back home,

to a place with lots of toys

and Big green fields to rome.


He taught us some important things

that he was here to teach,

Love and care compassion too

having patience within your reach.


His gentle eyes, his happy smile

we will surely miss,

When he got his call back home

You sent him with one last kiss.


We know that when we get these friends

They might leave before we are ready,

It’s one of the lessons that they teach

to make us much more steady.


My Mama, My Mama he would say

with just a simple hug,

He wanted the attention, him and his

silly Mug.


So now we must say goodbye to one

we hold so dear,

For we will meet again my friend of

that I have no fear.




Health is EVERYTHING! I went to India to study medicine and do internship work, I came back changed forever. I am passionate about breathing because breath is life. Living, Laughing, Loving for more than 55 years.

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