Detoxification workshops are held 4 times yearly
upon the change of seasons.
The next Workshop is set for the following dates:

June 20, 2015 from 9 am to 1:00 pm
This is the first module of three. In the first week we get an introduction to Ayurveda, we learn about detoxification of the body and why it is so important to rid our selves of accumulation in order to be balanced, healthy, and happy. We learn how to make Kitchari and ghee and there is a great goodie bag with everything you will need for your detoxification process, you provide the good clean water. We will also have lunch together and then we support each other through the cleanse.

Ayurvedic Treatments will be available during detoxification if a participant wishes to schedule one, there is an additional charge of $50.00 per one hour treatment, appointments are limited.

June 27, 2015 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
The second modules includes the examination of each participants constitution or dosha in detail in order to determine our dietary needs in order to stay balanced and detoxified. We then move on to Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking. We will be cooking some Ayurvedic foods for our group lunch. I have included an Ayurvedic Cook Book for your at home cooking experiments and modifications. This class will help you understand the energies in our bodies and our foods and how we can harmonize them for optimum health.

July 11, 2015 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Our third and final week is about how we move our bodies and exercise so we will be experiencing detoxification and weight releasing yoga, Breathing exercises (pranayama) and learning basic skills in meditation. You will understand how all of the poses (asanas) assist your body and how Therapeutic yoga differs from the yoga we may be accustomed to at the gym that is considered exercise. Therapeutic yoga is actually a medical system within Ayurveda and when designed correctly for each individual it takes a personalized approach to assisting each and every one of us to lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Space is limited to 20 attendees, your spot is guaranteed when you sign up below.

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Detoxification Workshop

Ayurvedic Products that are healthy, natural and nutritious.

These products compliment your dietary detoxification perfectly and also your healthy lifestyle and now we have made it as simple as a click of your mouse.

4 pounds Split Yellow Mung Beans

Fenugreek Seeds

Basmati Rice

in different sizes


has the highest amount of bio-available vitamin C of any fruit


is a great adaptogen, anti-oxidant, calms the mind and assists in sleep


is a great cooling herb, strengthens reproduction in both men and women, also assists in balancing hormones


is the combination of three herbs that assist in regularity and support digestion (Haritaki, bibitaki and amalaki)

Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea

For the sweet tooth in you, this soothing blend of natural spices will satisfy in you the craving for sweets.


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