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Pull up Your Boot Straps


We all have them


Days you could live with out, right? I know you can relate.

Why does it always seem that these types of days just go from bad to worse?  When you are having a bad day and it turns your thoughts negative, it attracts more negative right into your day.

It’s not the universe “paying you back” for something.  It’s doesn’t just come out of the blue, you have to invite it in. Open the door and let the negative come right in, when what you should do is slam the door and tell it to go away.

Here’s the deal, we all have only one positive aspect to our mind, the other two are negative.

The universe listens to us and brings us the things we focus on.  Now, the universe has no idea if we are focusing on that “thing” because we Desire it or if we are Repulsed by it.  Our minds whirl around these two factors, desire and repulsion.

Our focus is there and so that is what we get, It comes down to the saying, “be careful what you ask for” or concentrate on.

Think about it, our mind Undulates, we vacillate, Procrastinate, Ruminate, Complicate.  This leads us to gesticulate and the cycle just repeats itself

Until you stop it, because you are the only ones that can do that.

Evaluate and Eliminate:

Evaluate, the situation or the object
Eliminate, if it is more trouble than it’s worth, negative, going nowhere.

Educate and Formulate:

Educate, yourself and make a decision and GET GOING
Formulate, a Plan on how you will get to where you are going, tweak it.

Concentrate and Navigate:

Concentrate, and focus on the things you most desire
Navigate, Through the twists and turns of finding a new way.

Orchestrate, Accelerate, Substantiate:

Orchestrate,  your own success, no body is going to do that for you
Accelerate, towards what you desire, start moving in that direction
Substantiate, give it substance, bring it to life, live and breathe your dream

Emanate, Escalate, Exhilarate, Communicate:

Emanate, Be the change you want to see.

Escalate, your plans because that is the only way to get to your new LIFE.

Exhilarate, Feel alive because YOU are Achieving what you deserve in life.
Communicate,joy to everyone you come into contact with.

Germinate, Compensate, Activate

Germinate, that Exhilaration into those with whom you have communication
Compensate, when you help, give of yourself, you will be compensated
Activate, the same Exhilaration in others and watch them germinate and grow.

Take these steps on the days that everything seems to go wrong.  Allow your self to slam that door and keep the negative on the other side and move forward with a plan in your life.

You could get stuck in the mud


You could pull your boots up by the straps and wade through the muck until you get to green pasture.  This little guy made it and so can you.


Health is EVERYTHING! I went to India to study medicine and do internship work, I came back changed forever. I am passionate about breathing because breath is life. Living, Laughing, Loving for more than 55 years.

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