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I hope you’re on the same road I’m on because I’m on the road to


title % titleI’m looking to elevate my life to a new level and I am accomplishing that by leaps and bounds.  One reason for that is I am making tremendous efforts to improve all areas of my life.  Some of them need more work than others, we all have our special areas of needing to elevate.  Avant is the company behind my Elevation

I had an epiphany today in an area of New Beliefs.

I realize that the things we belief are some of the most powerful things in our life.  It’s individual to everyone, no two are alike.  Some are destructive and some are productive and many things between those two extremes.

Stay to the Productive and you


Now I have been working on this for quite some time, years actually.  I find that when a person gets started, there doesn’t seem to be a stopping place,  you just want to Elevate.

It’s kind of like climbing a mountain, constantly looking up and forward, measuring how much longer you have to get to the top, the elusive top of that mountain.  Sometimes the top gets obscured by clouds and sometimes it is crystal clear.  Rarely does a person take a moment to look at the distance they have come until they reach the summit.

Today on my road to elevate I found myself asked to do something that was so obscured by the clouds that I couldn’t make it crystal clear.  Naturally you might think that isn’t so good when someone is climbing a mountain right?

The thing that was obscured was my limiting beliefs that kept me stuck in the past.  Not only was it really hard to recall, I didn’t really want to.  I know that the limiting beliefs went along with the list of things I had done in my life to “dampen my self-esteem”.  When I looked at that list, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t think I was deserving of love and happiness.  That was as far as I thought necessary to dive into.

Isn’t that THE most ridiculous thing you have ever heard?  What would make a person think this way?  I was totally detached from that thought.

Back to the list of limiting beliefs….I still couldn’t do it, I had the grand-daddy of limiting beliefs under control so I decided to write a list of my NEW beliefs and drank in the beauty of the un-limitedness of everything there.  I am so glad I chose to do it this way, because it made me feel great!

You know that climb up the mountain?  Well I took the time to look back at the places I had been along the way and I am so impressed with how far I have come.  It is truly amazing.  9 years ago I had my car, a few bags of clothes and the broken pieces of my self-esteem.  Today I am one of the wealthiest people I know because I know who I am and what I will accept.

The most amazing thing is that after I took the time to look back down the mountain, when I looked back up to where I wanted to be……..I found that I was much, much closer than what I thought I was.


I know that when you reach the summit, all you need to do is keep looking up and there will be another summit, another mountain to conquer.  For me life is full of things I want to accomplish, and there is no reason that I have to settle for anything less that achieving everything.

It goes along with my number one belief.

I can do anything.

I believe in Elevate.  I Believe in avant.


Elevate your beliefs and Elevate your Life


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