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Lower Cholesterol Naturally

by Shelli Thompson
January 19th, 2012


title % titleAre you one of the 255 million people a year filling prescriptions to the tune of 19 billion dollars annually? This is just in the United States alone. Many do this instead of looking for ways to lower cholesterol naturally.

What do you know about the drugs you are currently taking? Are you aware of all the side effects? Some of them you can’t even feel.

I like to ask people, “What Do You Know About Pharmaceuticals?”

Let’s take a moment to take a look at statins for instance.  Over the age of 45 years 1 in 4 americans take statins. That’s 25% of the population, that’s incredible.  In fact it horrifies me that some doctors think this is a “miracle drug”.  They joke that they would like to see it injected into the water supply. The only problem I see is that statement is it’s NOT funny. We should find ways to

lower cholesterol naturally.

I was surprised to find out statins are routinely prescribed for people over 45.  Some of whom only have a slim chance of developing heart disease. I decided to educate myself on the side effects.  It concerns me because my parents take statins.

First I wanted to look at the risk reduction and I was surprised to find that taking statins only lowered the POSSIBILITY of having a heart attack by 25% to 30%.  The fact is that long term users are 50% more likely to develop diabetes.  Another reason to

lower cholesterol naturally.

What Are You Doing To You?

In my mind the pro’s do not out weigh the cons.  I decided to continue digging and this is what I found.

Statins caused these side affects

Short term memory loss
mood swings
liver disfunction
kidney failure
muscle myopathy…..Chronic muscle pain.

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A Day You Eat, Is an Exercise Day

by Shelli Thompson
July 15th, 2011

title % titleOn any day that you Actually eat, that my friend is an exercise day.

Got it?  Eat, exercise.  now, I don’t mean that you eat and exercise.  You have to plan out your day properly.  If you even just PLAN on eating you get your exercise done EARLY as possible.  Any one Planning on eating today?

I get this all the time……”I just can’t seem to get it done after work”…..I say get up early and get ‘er done!  Before your brain starts to reason with you why you absolutely can’t get it done.  You ever heard that voice before?  Yea, I know you have!

GET UP EARLIER for crying out loud.  If you are lucky you will will be 1/2 way to 3/4 through the work out before your brain wakes up and starts to give you all the reasons you CAN’T work out.

By that time you can slam the door on the negative thoughts and finish up in style!

You know what I found out?  It took me years of teaching, being at a gym, talking to the clients.  I found out…….

That voice with the reasons why not, get stronger throughout the day.  ya ever notice that one?

It takes the will of a super hero to get to the gym on some nights after work.  The car wants to head for the barn so you have to fight that AND the voice of reasons why you shouldn’t take time on your self. You get to the gym and you burn say 300 to 500 calories?

Okay, So…..Does anyone have any idea of how many calories equals a pound?

 3,500 calories. 

That sounds like a lot of calories.  I think it is, I consume maybe half of that.  Are you aware of what you consume?

We have this little burger joint in Portland.  The receipt has calorie information and I was very surprised  to see that a meal with 2 burgers, small fries and medium soft drink equaled 75% of a 2,000 calorie diet. What if you did something similar to this 3 times a day?  and then you snacked, had an extra pop, had desert after eating….get my drift?  Do you think you would exceed the 3,500 calories???

By the way…I have a rule, NEVER eat food that is delivered or can be delivered through a window.……there are exceptions but very few……

So now we talked about calorie input.  Understand although I am into fitness and I believe it is very important, 80% of everyone’s health is nutrition.

So we go to the gym, we are literally trying to work our ass off!  We tell our self we will do what ever it takes no matter what, even if we don’t like it……

That’s a story for another Blog!

Stay well my friends and stay tuned.  Another blog is on it’s way!

Find out where those Extra pounds come from

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