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Lotus on the beach

Shelli has a 27 year background in fitness and has a lifelong interest in assisting people live a healthier more fit life.

During her career, Shelli was certified in many different formats of exercise, was involved in boot camps, has personally trained individuals, and has produced fitness videos.

“Retiring” in 2007 she is still involved in developing work outs, trainings and has written two books.  Shelli is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Practitioner. (Ayurveda is ancient Indian Medicine)

Although Shelli considers herself retired from the fitness industry she still travels the world to speak and teach to international crowds. Shelli has taught and spoke in such beautiful places as the beaches in Puerto Rico and Jamaica, Las Vegas Paris Hotel, and  in Sorrento Italy.

In 2012 Shelli and her husband Gordon along with 2 friends formed the non-profit H.O.P.E. to assist homeless Veterans.  The program will be different from many programs due to programming in fitness, nutrition, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and other natural means of achieving health and preventing disease.

Shelli and her husband have plans to start a foundation for alternative Cancer research based in Ayurveda to find better and more options for cancer patients and the treatments they receive.

We believe that everything affects your health all the way down to your environment and if we take care of our entire self, mind, body and spirit we will live happier, more productive lives.

Shelli’s husband Gordon was kind enough to get some testimonials from some of the students that attended her classes in Jamaica, scroll down to view the testimonials.

I met Lillia in Dominican Republic and she started coming to the Health Acceleration classes in Las Vegas, she loves heath and takes wonderful care of herself. Lillia knows what it takes to keep herself healthy.

I just Met Preston in Jamaica when he attended the Health Acceleration classes there. He is really into learning how to make him self healthy. He has a beautiful family and is in the process of expanding it, expecting another child soon. I appreciate his dedication to health and well being.

Sam and his son Unjon are really acceptional people. We met in Lake Tahoe in March of 2009 and have been great friends ever since. Sam and I have had many discussions about Ayurveda and health and we look forward to a lasting friendship, if you have a chance to connect with Sam make sure and take the time to do so.

I first me Uwa in Las Vegas last year, she attended the Health Acceleration class at the Paris Hotel. Uwa is such a happy person and has dedicated herself to being happy and healthy. I truely enjoy her energy and enjoy visiting with her, she is a fantastic student.

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