Okay so I was ALWAYS in love with fitness and health for as long as I can remember. I know for a fact health is EVERYTHING. A healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy soul. Everything in life can be achieved with these three things. Not simple but simplistic in nature and for some one or all of these has been illusive.

I discovered Ayurveda (ireveda) many years ago, listened, read, practiced and then I discovered I could learn, right in the USA. This started my journey and for three years I commuted to Seattle from Portland (172 miles one way) to attend school. I was committed (I would say with that sort of commute!) I became a wellness counselor and then I became a practitioner or Ayurveda. This path took me all the way to India where I did my internship, worked in hospitals and learned Ayurveda in it’s most authentic setting.

I came home from India changed forever. My eyes were opened never to be shut again.

While doing all this schooling, I traveled internationally and taught Yoga. I found myself in such amazing places I could not have even imagined. Teaching Yoga on the beach of Jamaica, Hawaii or Puerto Rico and in a citrus garden in Italy and many other location. At first teaching to an international crowd a bit of a challenge until I discovered music reaches across all barriers in language, then the magic started to happen. I am so blessed to have made so many friends from all over the world and I look forward to the pleasure of meeting more.

I am finishing my book about all the thinks we know without really knowing, how to build healthy relationships and how we can understand our children better. The cover photo will be ready soon, then we will format the book and it will be available to buy right on this website, hopefully in April of 2020.

Maybe you will be the next person I meet, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I think so!

Yoga in Jamaica



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